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Our focus is on improving your situation by educating ou on the best tax and financial strategies for your present and future.

We understand what it is like being stuck paycheck to paycheck and the issues that come with that.

We will be your strategic partner and your financial advisor.
Designed for Indviduals

Services for Individuals

People work hard and should be able to keep as much of their earnings as possible. They need more than just a tax preparer. They need someone that will help them get ahead—and stay ahead. Our team of tax advisors can help not only plan for your financial future, but keep you on the path. For more information, please contact our certified public accountant in Buffalo, NY today!

Tax Returns

Whether you drop your taxes or have us do them right in front of you, we will ask the necessary questions to optimize your return and get the most out of your experience working with us.

Financial Advisory

We understand that minimizing taxes is only part of an individual’s financial situation.  Saving for retirement, investing available income, and keeping an eye on portfolio fees are also critical considerations.

Respond to IRS Letter

Have you received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service or New York State Tax Department? Try to stay calm and let our team help you make sense of their request(s) and respond appropriately.

Estate & Retirement Planning

It’s never too early to start thinking about your estate, legacy, and the financial stance you will leave your family.

Budgeting & Debt Reduction

Let us help you create a budgetary plan, get your expenses under control, and effectively pay off your debt. 

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