Pandemic Vendor Forgiveness Template

This is an effective email template for small businesses in New York State (or any other declared disaster area) to use when requesting relief from certain vendor payments. I used it successfully when requesting rent deferment at one of my businesses, and thought others could use it as well. (Be sure to change the Governor name for use outside of NY).

In light of recent events surrounding the COVID-19 virus, as well as the executive order by Governor Cuomo, the [INSERT BUSINESS NAME] has decided to temporarily close its doors to the public.  During this time, we are working diligently to control operational overhead expenses and would like to request to defer payment and finance charges during this time period.  This will play a critical role in ensuring the continuity of this organization, and safeguarding the livelihood of the (nearly [INSERT # EMPLOYEES) employees that rely on this business.  We hope to continue to have a positive relationship, and will always be transparent with our intentions.



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