HUMAN RESOURCES – HR for Small Business – What You Need To Know

In this episode, we talk with HR expert and consultant Amy Cortese. She defines Human Resources and educates us on what we need to know when dealing with employees in your business.

“When you have people, you have problems”

We covered a lot of ground in this podcast, but we discuss:
-Defining Human Resources (HR)
-Common misconceptions surrounding HR
-HR is just paperwork
-Compliance items you should be aware of — staying compliant in New York State
-The role / importance of the employee handbook
-The handbook as a useful tool
-Developing a culture of responsibility through structure
-How to properly terminate an employee
-Getting your ducks in a row: Document everything!
-Is New York an At-will state? What does that mean?
-Hiring best practices
-Should we be checking out people’s social media?
-Seeing HR as insurance for your ‘people resources’ — it’s all about risk mitigation
-The merits of hiring an HR consultant and the most affordable way to do so

If you have any questions, or would like to get in touch with Amy, send me an email mknapp@bufalotaxllc.com and I’ll be happy to make the introduction.